Duplicate tax slips are for mutual fund unit holders only
  • How will my clients receive their tax slips?

    Tax slips will be physically mailed to the account holder of record as the primary means of delivery. This portal is being made available to provide a quick and simple way to retrieve a duplicate slip, in the event the physical copy was not received or was misplaced.

  • When should my clients expect to receive their tax slips?

    You can expect forms to be mailed starting in late February through the end of March.

    Mutual fund slips will be made available online on our secure Tax Centre page around the time they are mailed. ETF and Closed-End Fund slips will be mailed directly by your dealer back-office.

    Key Dates Description
    Late February 2020 Mutual Fund T5 slips mailed and posted to the Tax Centre
    February 28, 2020 ETF and Closed-End Fund T5 slips mailed out by Brokers
    Mid-March 2020 Mutual Fund T3 slips mailed and posted to the Tax Centre
    March 31, 2020 ETF and Closed-End Fund T3 slips mailed out by Brokers
  • Why don’t I see my client’s ETF or Closed-End Fund slips here?

    Please contact your dealer back-office to receive duplicate ETF and Closed-End Fund slips.

  • Should my clients be receiving slips on their registered investments?

    Please note that registered accounts only receive tax slips for account contributions or withdrawals.

  • I believe the information on my client’s tax documents is incorrect. Where should I communicate my concerns?

    You can contact a customer service representative through this page or via email at tax@purposeinvest.com. We strive to resolve all queries within 24 hours.

  • I still feel tax slips that my clients should have here are missing. Where are they?

    If you are unable to locate a duplicate tax slip for one of your investors, please message a customer service representative by email at tax@purposeinvest.com, or add an additional rep code from the Investor Tax Slips tab. Please note, it may take up to 24 hours for your new rep code to be approved and activated.